Avatar SDK Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Oculus Avatars, a powerful and flexible way to increase presence within VR apps.

Avatars deliver true social presence with persistent identities you can take with you across the Oculus ecosystem. Bring other peoples' avatars into your app, game, or experience so they can feel like themselves and even recognize their friends.

Avatars also provide hand presence for Touch controllers, letting you integrate Oculus Touch interaction into Rift apps. Integrating Touch lets your users interact with their environment and enhances their perception of themselves within your virtual world.

Add Social Presence, Touch Interaction, or Both

As a developer, you are free to mix and match Avatars SDK features. You can use it to provide Touch interaction in one app and social interaction in another. The SDK is extensible and customizable and includes:

  • a Unity package with scripts, prefabs, art assets, and sample scenes for PC and Gear VR development.
  • native C/C++ samples, header files, and libraries for PC and Gear VR development.