Introduction to the Platform SDK

Welcome to the Oculus Platform SDK! The Platform SDK contains features that you can use to create engaging and social game experiences. Using the Oculus Platform allows you to focus on building your game.

The Platform SDK allows you to combine and customize the set of features you use to create your unique game experience.

Each feature provided in the SDK supports one of our platform objectives:

  • Identity - Personalize the app by using the user's Oculus account username friends list. Allow users to find easily connect with friends.
  • Social and Community - Foster active communities and encourage meaningful interactions in your app. Bring users around the globe together for shared social experiences.
  • Engagement - Engaged users return more frequently and spend more time in VR. Incentivize users to return, interact, and invest in your app.
  • Revenue - Maximize the return on your app by offering the right items and experiences at the right time in VR.
  • Security - Protect your app and users with the robust security of the Oculus Platform authentication.

Information about the features that support each of these benefits can be found in the Developer Guide with information about how to implement and use them.

Platform SDK Compatibility

The Platform SDK is compatible with native, Unity, and Unreal applications for both Rift and Gear VR.

For information on getting started building your app, please see the PC SDK for native Rift, Mobile SDK for native Gear VR, and the Game Engine docs if you're planning to use Unity or Unreal.

Integrating the Platform SDK

The Getting Started Guide contains the steps to get you ready for the SDK. The Getting Started Guide guide will walk you through the on-boarding and prerequisites required before you can integrate the Platform SDK features.

Once you've completed the basics, the Developer Guide will walk you through how to integrate and use the Platform features.

Each feature is an optional component you can use to enhance your app. Learn more about the different features you can integrate in the Developer Guide.

Learn and Share

Have questions about using the Platform SDK? Visit the Platform SDK Forum to ask our community and experts.