Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is designed to get you familiar with basics of the Platform SDK, including the SDK prerequisites and the required components.

This guide contains four sections that you should review before moving on to the other sections.

  1. Define Your App describes how to create your application in the Developer Dashboard.
  2. Getting Started and Checking Entitlements walks you through the basics of downloading the SDK, initializing the package, and checking that users are entitled to use your app.
  3. Server-to-Server API Basics contains information about sending server-to-server REST API messages.
  4. Migrating from a Previous Version reviews the changes you should know if you are upgrading from a previous version of the SDK.

Sample apps are available as a resource when implementing the SDK. Please see the Sample Apps page for information about the available apps.

If you're done reviewing the Getting Started Guide, please see the Developer Guide to learn about the features you can integrate to create your unique app experience.