Entitlements: App Authorizations

Entitlements prove that a copy of your app or other content is legitimate.

You’ll want your app to make an entitlement check to verify the user owns your content.

The API for entitlement checks provided by the Oculus Platform SDK will work even if the user isn’t connected to the Internet. However, for an entitlement check to be effective, you'll also need to add code to respond appropriately to a failed check, such as by showing an error message and quitting the app. A failed entitlement check won’t result in any specific action on its own.

Entitlements are a core Oculus platform feature, no matter what development method you’re using. You should always include an entitlement check before submitting your app for review by Oculus. You can find step-by-step examples of how to set up entitlements using the Oculus PC SDK or Oculus Mobile SDK for native Rift or Gear VR apps, as well as using the Unity game engine or Unreal Engine in our platform walkthrough examples. Most Unreal developers should use the Verify Entitlements Blueprint under Oculus Platform.

However, here's an overview of the required steps:

  1. Add the code for the entitlement check to your app (e.g. ovr_Entitlement_GetIsViewerEntitled for a native Rift or Gear VR app, or Entitlements.IsUserEntitledToApplication().OnComplete for Unity).
  2. Get the results of the entitlement check (e.g. ovr_Message_GetType returns a ovrMessage_Entitlement_GetIsViewerEntitled message with content ovr_Message_IsError or, for a Unity app, checking if (msg.IsError)).
  3. Respond appropriately, for example by showing the user an error message and exiting the app, or by proceeding normally.


Q: What is necessary for an entitlement check to pass?

A: One of the following:

  • The user is part of the organization that owns the app
  • The subscribed user is on a release channel for the app
  • The application appears in your library

Q: How often will Oculus refresh the library?

A: Every five minutes, if there are no running Oculus applications. To prompt a library refresh within five minutes, close all running Oculus application and wait until the library refreshes. It should then appear in the Oculus Library.

Once an applicatoin is visible in the Library, it will pass the entitlement check, even if "Not Valid" is displayed above the application icon.

Note: The Unity and Unreal engines are both considered Oculus applications.

Q: I still don't see the application, what else can I do?

A: Try logging out and logging back into Oculus.