Oculus Keys

Oculus Keys are codes that let users get a copy of your app.

Here are some important things to know about Oculus Keys:

  • Before you can create keys, you must first submit your app for review. The Oculus Store team approves apps for key distribution. See our Publishing Guide for details.
  • Oculus Keys don't cost you anything to generate. You can decide to give them away for free, or to sell them. You keep all the revenue if you sell them.
  • Each key can only be used once.
  • Oculus Keys can be used whether your app is in the Oculus Store or not.
  • Only admins for your organization can generate keys. Manage admin roles from the Members tab in the Oculus Developer Dashboard.
  • You can still use Oculus Platform features if you distribute your app using Oculus Keys.
  • To create keys::

    1. Log on to
    2. On the My Apps page, hover the mouse of your app and click View Details.
    3. Click the Oculus Keys tab.
    4. If your app has been approved by the Oculus Store team, you see the Create New Oculus Keys page.
    5. Select the number of keys to create, choose a name for this batch of keys, then click Create.
    6. If you've generated 250 keys or fewer, you'll see your list of keys displayed. Each key is in 5x5 format, for instance:
    7. If you're requesting more than 250 keys, you'll be asked for your public PGP key so we can secure the batch of Oculus Keys during transit. You'll use your private PGP key to unlock the batch after we deliver it to you.