Oculus Platform Overview

Let's go over the key Oculus Platform features.

Platform Overview

You can enhance your app in a number of distinct areas, using the feature combination that's right for you.

You can use Oculus Platform features to enhance the following areas:

  • Security—Create a secure ecosystem with:

    • Entitlements—Protect your app and your users with the Oculus App ID, an app secret, and user tokens.
  • Community—If you want to support realtime multi-player interactions, you can include:

    • Identity—Make your app more personal by using your user's Oculus account username and integrating their friends list.
    • Rooms—Let your players find a quick pick-up game in an existing room, or host their own room.
    • Matchmaking—Match strangers together smartly. Let players choose or choose on their behalf.
    • VoIP and P2P—Allow direct player-to-player communication for team-based or cooperative games.
  • Revenue—You have flexible options for generating revenue other than the price you set in the Oculus Store:

    • In-App Purchases—Let power players upgrade their experience, while keeping the cost of entry low.
    • Oculus Keys—Spread the word with free or discounted codes to get your app. You can sell these codes for as much or as little as you wish.
  • Engagement—Deepen interaction with your app by including:

    • Leaderboards—Increase excitement by letting users see how they rank.
    • Achievements—Create goals and let our automated accounting tally up what milestones users have reached, and what easter eggs they've found or missed.
    • Cloud Storage—Make sure user data is safely saved across devices.