Using Release Channels to Control Distribution

You can guide your game or experience through different testing and release stages using release channels in the Dashboard.

Oculus provides four release channel stages:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate (RC)
  • Store

The first time you upload a build for your app, it goes into the Alpha release channel. You can upload different versions of your app to release them to different groups of testers in each channel. You can also add your own channels if you need more than the four channels we provide.

Or, if you know your app is ready, you can copy the build from Alpha directly to the Store channel and submit it to Oculus for review without using any intermediate channels. It is up to you. The channels are there to help you manage your software lifecycle, not complicate it.

After your app is available in the store, any new builds that you copy to the Store channel are automatically provisioned to all users who are entitled to download the release version of your app. See Updating App Versions and Product Details.